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How to buy

For how to order, delivery time, guarantees etc. read our "how to's"

We accept orders from any country !

All our Products are RoHs compliant !

About us

1. Our company has been founded in 2002.
2. We are Alibaba "Gold supplier"
3. Factories producing our products are located in Zhejiang province.
4. We supply customers in more than 100 countries.

Basic Pricelist of LED products

These are just basic prices => Discounts up to -35% !!!
Order US$ total: Pay:
Price adjustment factor:
"Order US$ total" means for all items together. Mixed orders OK. Discounts start for orders from $199 in basic prices.

5050 3Piece Water-proof LED Module Series:

LM-5050-W3-3P-12V Warm White: CCT 2700-3200K IP65 US$19

Flexible LED Strip

3528SMD 60pcs, 5M / Reel Non-Water-proof IP20

STRF4-3528-R60-12V 620-625nm, 95-135lm US$19.99
STRF4-3528-G60-12V 518-525nm, 135-180lm US$19.99
STRF4-3528-B60-12V 465-470nm, 35-60lm US$19.99
STRF4-3528-Y60-12V 587-592nm, 95-135lm US$19.99
STRF4-3528-W6-60-12V 6500-7200K, 300-330lm US$19.99

3528SMD 60pcs, 5M / Reel Water-proof IP65

STRF4-3528-R60-12V-WP-D 620-625nm, 95-135lm US$23.79
STRF4-3528-G60-12V-WP-D 518-525nm, 135-180lm US$23.79
STRF4-3528-B60-12V-WP-D 465-470nm, 35-60lm US$23.79
STRF4-3528-Y60-12V-WP-D 587-592nm, 95-135lm US$23.79

3528SMD 60pcs, 5M / Reel Water-proof IP67

STRF4-3528-R60-12V-WP-T 620-625nm, 95-135lm US$24.39
STRF4-3528-G60-12V-WP-T 518-525nm, 135-180lm US$24.39
STRF4-3528-B60-12V-WP-T 465-470nm, 35-60lm US$24.39
STRF4-3528-Y60-12V-WP-T 587-592nm, 95-135lm US$24.39
STRF4-3528-W3-60-12V-WP-T 3000-3300K, 270-300lm US$24.39

3528SMD 120pcs, 5M / Reel Water-proof IP65

STRF4-3528-G120-12V-WP-D 518-525nm, 220-260lm US$35.49

5050SMD 30pcs, 5M / Reel Non Water-proof IP20

STRF5-5050-R30-12V 620-625nm, 135-165lm US$26.99
STRF5-5050-G30-12V 518-525nm, 220-260lm US$26.99
STRF5-5050-B30-12V 465-470nm, 60-90lm US$26.99
STRF5-5050-Y30-12V 587-592nm, 135-165lm US$26.99
STRF5-5050-W3-30-12V 3000-3300K, 420-450lm US$26.99
STRF5-5050-W6-30-12V 6500-7200K, 450-480lm US$26.99

5050SMD 30pcs, 5M / Reel Water-proof IP65

STRF5-5050-R30-12V-WP-D 620-625nm, 135-165lm US$31.49
STRF5-5050-G30-12V-WP-D 518-525nm, 220-260lm US$31.49
STRF5-5050-B30-12V-WP-D 465-470nm, 60-90lm US$31.49
STRF5-5050-Y30-12V-WP-D 587-592nm, 135-165lm US$31.49
STRF5-5050-W3-30-12V-WP-D 3000-3300K, 420-450lm US$31.49

5050SMD 30pcs, 5M / Reel Water-proof IP67

STRF5-5050-R30-12V-WP-T 620-625nm, 135-165lm US$31.29
STRF5-5050-G30-12V-WP-T 518-525nm, 220-260lm US$31.29
STRF5-5050-B30-12V-WP-T 465-470nm, 60-90lm US$31.29
STRF5-5050-Y30-12V-WP-T 587-592nm, 135-165lm US$31.29
STRF5-5050-W3-30-12V-WP-T 3000-3300K, 420-450lm US$31.29

5050SMD 60pcs, 5M / Reel Water-proof IP65

STRF5-5050-R60-12V-WP-D 620-625nm, 270-330lm US$48.49
STRF5-5050-G60-12V-WP-D 518-525nm, 390-460lm US$48.49
STRF5-5050-B60-12V-WP-D 465-470nm, 120-180lm US$48.49

5050SMD 30pcs, 5M / Reel RGB Strips

STRF5-5050-RGB-30-12V Input Current: 600mA IP20 US$27.99
STRF5-5050-RGB-30-12V-WP-T Input Current: 600mA IP67 DC 24V series 5050SMD, 5M / Reel IP68 US$32.29
STRF5-5050-W360-24V-DT 2700-3200K, 960lm US$43.90
STRF5-5050-RGB60-24V-DT Input Current: 600mA US$43.90

LED Modules ( New! )
LED Backlight Series
LM-60X10 LED Backlight Series
  • LM-W6-60X10-11W
  • White 5720K~6350K
  • 945LM(11W)
US$ 6.8
  • LM-W6-60X10-1W
  • White 5000K~6500K
  • 100LM(1W)
US$ 1.99
LM-36X36 LED Backlight Series
  • LM-W6-36X36-4P-12V
  • White 5500~6200K
  • 50LM(1W)
US$ 29
LM-50X16 LED Backlight Series
  • LM-W6-50X16-0.3W-12V
  • White 6000K
  • 18LM(0.3W)
US$ 8.9
  • LM-W3-50X16-0.3W-12V
  • Warm White 3200~3800K
  • 15LM(0.3W)
US$ 8.9
LED Strips

Flexible LED strips

Price is per one 3-LED unit 5.08cm (2"). We recommend to order in whole
reels. One reel has 100 units (5.08M = 200") because we can guarantee whole
lenght in one piece. Every reel comes also with 2 cables ready for connection.
STRF3Y Amber (Yellow) 589nm, 1125mcd US$0.40
STRF3G Pure green 525nm, 2400mcd US$0.45
RGB LED Strips
STR3-RGB-CA 10" (25.4 cm)
Red: 40~50lm
Blue: 8~10
Str33X Series
STR33R Red 624nm, 5000~10000mlmUS$0.81
STR33Y Amber (Yellow) 589nm, 5000~10000mlmUS$0.81
STR33B Blue 470nm, 2000~4000mlmUS$0.50
STR33W6 White 6000~10000K, 7000~14000mlmUS$0.99
STR33W3 Warm White 2500~35000K, 12000~24000mlmUS$0.60
STR33G Pure green 525nm, 12000~24000mlmUS$0.60
StrF3X-WP Series
40" (101.6 cm)
Flexible Water Proof LED Strips
STRF3R-WP Red 624nm, 5000~10000mlmUS$6.99/m
STRF3Y-WP Amber (Yellow) 589nm, 5000~10000mlmUS$6.99/m
STRF3B-WP Blue 470nm, 3000~4000mlmUS$6.99/m
STRF3G-WP Pure green 525nm, 10000~14000mlmUS$6.99/m
STRF3W3-WP Warm White 3500~4000K, 12000~18000mlmUS$6.99/m
LED strips on PCB
STR2 type - LED Strip on PCB
STR2-16Y-80, Yellow/Amber 80°, 16 HF LEDs 55 lum. US$3.10
STR2-16Y-130, Yellow/Amber 40°, 16 HF LEDs 55 lm US$3.10
STR2-16R-80, Red 80°, 16 HF LEDs 55 lumens US$3.10
STR2-16R-130, Red 130°, 16 HF LEDs 55 lumens US$2.80
STR2-16B-80, Blue 80°, 16 HF LEDs 25 lumens US$3.10
STR2-16B-130, Blue 130°, 16 HF LEDs 25 lumens US$ 5.99
STR2-16W-80, White 80°, 16 HF LEDs 100 lumens US$4.40
STR2-16W-130, White 130°, 16 HF LEDs 100 lumens US$4.60
STR2-16WO4-80, Warm White 80°, 16 HF LEDs 100 lm US$4.40
STR2-16WO4-130, Warm White 130°, 16 HF LEDs 100 lm US$4.60
STR2-16G-80, Pure green 80°, 16 HF LEDs 70 lumens US$5.60
STR2-16G-130, Pure green 130°, 16 HF LEDs 70 lm US$5.60
STR3 type - LED Strip on PCB
STR3-18R-120, Red 130°, 30~70 lm US$ 4.25
STR3-18Y-120, Amber (Yellow) 130°, 30~70 lm US$2.90
STR3-18B-120, Blue 130°, 9~16 lm US$2.90
STR3-18W6-120, White 4000~8000K, 130°, 40~90 lm US$3.50
STR3-18W3-120, Warm White 3000~4000K,130°, 35~80mlm US$3.50
STR3-18G-120, Pure green 130°, 30~80 lm US$3.50
LED Bulbs
Pic     Number,             Description Price US$
G60 Spotlight
G60-PA-7W-W6-E27 --
G60-PA-9W-W6-E27 --
G60-PA-12W-W6-E27 --
G60-9W-W6-E27, White 700lm US$ 13
G60-9W-W3-E27, Warm White 650lm US$ 13
G60-6W-W6-E27, White 400lm US$ 11
G60-6W-W3-E27, Warm White 380lm US$ 11
G60-6W-W6-GU10, White 400lm US$ 11
G60-6W-W3-GU10, Warm White 380lm US$ 11
GU60-5W-W6-E27, white 400lm US$ 8
GU60-5W-W3-E27, Warm White 260lm US$ 8
GU60-3W-W6-E27, white 220lm US$6.30
GU60-3W-W3-E27, Warm White 200lm US$6.30
MR16 5W LED Bulb
MR16-5W-W6-GU10, white 300lm US$ 7.6
  MR16-5W-W3-GU10, warm white 260lm US$ 7.6
MR16-3.5W Spotlight
  MR16-3.5W-W6-GU10, white 210lm US$ 6
  MR16-3.5W-W3-GU10, warm white 160lm US$ 6
  MR16-3.5W-W6-E27, white 180lm US$ 6
  MR16-3.5W-W3-E27, warm white 160lm US$ 6
  MR16-3.5W-W6-GU5.3, white 220lm US$ 6
  MR16-3.5W-W3-GU5.3, warm white 200lm US$ 6
MR16 3X1W LED Bulb
MR16-3X1W-W6-E27, White 180lm US$ 6.4
MR16-3X1W-W3-E27, Warm White 150lm US$ 6.4
MR16-3X1W-W6-GU10, White 180lm US$ 6.4
MR16-3X1W-W3-GU10, Warm White 150lm US$ 6.4
MR16 2W LED Bulb
MR16-36PCS(2W)-W6-E27, White 115lm US$4.49
MR16-36PCS(2W)-W6-GU10, White 115lm US$4.49
MR16-36PCS(2W)-W3-GU10, Warm White 90lm US$4.49
C40 1.5W LED Bulb
C40-1.5W-W3-E27, Warm White 80lm US$5.39
C40-3.5W-W3-E27 Warm White, 3.5W E27Base US$6.3

LED Tubes
Number, Description Price US$
T8-W6-220V-588-(9W)-D, White 750lm US$17.90
T8-W3-220V-588-(9W)-D, Warm White 650lm US$17.90
T8-W6-220V-1198-(19W)-D, White 1500lm US$35.90
T8-W3-220V-1198-(19W)-D, Warm White 1300lm US$35.90
T8-W6-220V-604-D, White 400 lumens US$ 29.9
T8-W3-220V-604-D, Warm White 420 lumens US$ 29.9
T8-W6-220V-1214-D, White 900 lumens US$ 59.9
T8-W3-220V-1214-D, Warm White 750 lumens US$ 59.9
LED holders Price is for complete sets according specs
Pic Number, Description Price US$
LED Case LC-03 ABS Chrom Plated LED Holder For 3MM LED US$ 0.055
LC-05 ABS Chrom Plated LED Holder For 5MM LED US$ 0.059
LC-08 ABS Chrom Plated LED Holder For 8MM LED US$ 0.089
LC-10 ABS Chrom Plated LED Holder For 10MM LED US$ 0.099
LC-03B Brass Chrom Plated LED Holder For 3MM LED US$ 0.105
LC-05B Brass Chrom Plated LED Holder For 5MM LED US$ 0.115
LC-08B Brass Chrom Plated LED Holder For 8MM LED US$ 0.459
LC-10B Brass Chrom Plated LED Holder For 10MM LED US$ 0.549
LED Accessories
Pic     Number,             Description Price US$
STR-CONN1 Connector for strips (set) US$ 0.043
STR-CAB2 Interconnect: 2x connector + 300mm cable US$ 0.126
RGBStrip-Cable-Interconnect: 2x connectors +4 x 305mm cable US$ 0.325
PCB01-1WBULB Converter for 1W LEDs (12V) US$ 1.35
LED Tester LED-TEST Power source for testing LEDs US$ 3.92
Universal Power supply (i.e. for STRF5-5050-WP-T)
Input 100-240V 50-60Hz, Output DC12V 3A (36W)
US$ 16.90
RGB-Controller-101: Input Voltage: DC12V,
Output power: 72W (12V), Max current: 6A
US$ 9.90
RGB Controller-303: Working Temperature: -20~60
degree,Supply Voltage: DC 5-24V
US$ 29.9
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