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How to buy

Minimum order US$25 mixed OK
Minimum order for countries where we have established a distributor is $199

All our Products are RoHs compliant !

For how to order, delivery time, guarantees etc. read our "how to's".

About us

1. Our company has been founded in 2002.
2. We are Alibaba "Gold supplier"
3. Factories producing our products are located in Zhejiang province.
4. We supply customers in more than 100 countries.

Basic Price list of Through-hole LEDs

These are just basic prices => Discounts up to -35% !!!
Order US$ total: Pay:
Price adjustment factor:
"Order US$ total" means for all items together. Mixed orders OK. Discounts start for orders from $199 in basic prices, for orders less than $199 there is a surcharge. Smaller the order, more the surcharge.
1.8mm LEDs Red, Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
130MR2C624200030°US$ 0.051
130LB7C470210030°US$ 0.065
130PG2C525600030°US$ 0.139
3MM LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green, UV
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
330MUV9C4004000uW30°US$ 0.27
330HR3C635210030°US$ 0.039
330MR2C624280030°US$ 0.051
330MY8C588280030°US$ 0.053
330LB7C470400030°US$ 0.065
330PWo4CWarm white800030°US$0.085
330PG0C505800030°US$ 0.139
330PG2C5251200030°US$ 0.139
4.8MM LEDs Large and Extra Large Angle, "Straw hat"
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
412HR3C635280170°US$ 0.039
412MR2C624200170°US$ 0.051
412MY8C588200170°US$ 0.053
412LB7C470145170°US$ 0.065
412PWo4CWarm White1500170°US$0.085
412PG2C525550170°US$ 0.139
412PG0C505390170°US$ 0.135
412PY9C591 HP*280170°US$ 0.135
412PR2C630 HP*280170°US$ 0.135
412JPKCReal PINK550170°US$ 0.135
5MM InGaN LEDs Blue, White, Bluegreen (Aqua), Pure green, Pink, UV
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
530LB5C460200030°US$ 0.065
510LB7C470586013°US$ 0.065
520LB7C470586023°US$ 0.065
530LB7C470418030°US$ 0.065
540LB7C470300040°US$ 0.065
560LB7D470 D60070°US$ 0.065
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
515PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
530PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
550PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
520PG0C503-5121600023°US$ 0.139
530PG0C503-5121600030°US$ 0.139
540PG0C503-5121200040°US$ 0.139
510PG2C5252200013°US$ 0.139
520PG2C5252200023°US$ 0.139
530PG2C5251600030°US$ 0.139
540PG2C5251600040°US$ 0.139
560PG2D525 D110070°US$ 0.139
530JPKCReal PINK400030°US$ 0.135
530MUV9C3904000uW30°US$ 0.289
5MM GaAlInP LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber)
NumberNMMCD½ angle   Price US$  
530AG7C57080030°US$ 0.029
510HR3C630800013°US$ 0.039
520HR3C630450023°US$ 0.039
540HR3C630300040°US$ 0.039
530FR4C640200030°US$ 0.045
510MR2C624800013°US$ 0.051
520MR2C624400023°US$ 0.051
530MR2C624400030°US$ 0.051
540MR2C624200040°US$ 0.051
560MR2C624150065°US$ 0.051
560MR2D624 D60070°US$ 0.051
510MY8C5881200013°US$ 0.053
520MY8C588600023°US$ 0.053
530MY8C588400030°US$ 0.053
540MY8C588300040°US$ 0.053
560MY8C588150065°US$ 0.053
560MY8D588 D80070°US$ 0.053
530Mo0C605400030°US$ 0.059
510PY9C591 HP*1200013°US$ 0.149
520PY9C591 HP*800023°US$ 0.149
530PY9C591 HP*800030°US$ 0.149
540PY9C591 HP*800040°US$ 0.149
560PY9C591 HP*300065°US$ 0.149
510PR2C630 HP*1200013°US$ 0.149
520PR2C630 HP*800023°US$ 0.149
530PR2C630 HP*600030°US$ 0.149
540PR2C630 HP*600040°US$ 0.149
560PR2C630 HP*400065°US$ 0.149
5MM Power LEDs 100mA
NumberNMMLM½ anglePrice US$
05W580BBC470470080°US$ 0.569
05W580CYC590780080°US$ 0.569
05W580ERC6251300080°US$ 0.569
05W580EW6CWhite2200080°US$ 0.569
05W580EW3CWarm White1700080°US$ 0.569
05W580EGC5251700080°US$ 0.569
8MM LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
825MY8C588600023°US$ 0.085
825MR2C624600023°US$ 0.089
825LB7C4701200023°US$ 0.099
825PWCWhite1000023°US$ 0.145
825PG2C5252500023°US$ 0.159
10MM LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
1025MR2C624500023°US$ 0.095
105MR2D624110050°US$ 0.095
1025MY8C588400023°US$ 0.099
1025MY8D588390~110017-23°US$ 0.105
105MY8D58880050°US$ 0.099
1025LB7C470800023°US$ 0.105
105LB7D47077050°US$ 0.105
1025PWCWhite1200023°US$ 0.155
105PWDWhite300050°US$ 0.155
1025PG2C5252000023°US$ 0.165
105PG2D525210050°US$ 0.165
8MM 0.5W 100mA leds
NumberNMLM½ anglePrice US$
05W08EW6CWhite28120°US$ 0.45
Flat Top LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
599HR3C624770100°US$ 0.039
599MR2C624770100°US$ 0.051
599MY8C588770100°US$ 0.053
599LB7C470770100°US$ 0.065
Slow Burning*
Slow Burning*
599PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
599PG2C5253000100°US$ 0.135
599PR2C630 HP*1100100°US$ 0.135
Oval LEDs
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
  5.2x3.8 mm With stopper
774MR2T-S624 T110070°/40°US$ 0.054
774MY8T-S591 T80070°/40°US$ 0.058
774LB7T-S470 T2200~400070°/40°US$ 0.069
774PG2T-S525 T210070°/40°US$ 0.144
  5.2x3.8 mm Designed for outdoor panels, with stopper and brass lead frame
7511MR2D-SB624 D550110°/50°US$ 0.067
7511MY8D-SB591 D550110°/50°US$ 0.069
7511LB7D-SB470 D770110°/50°US$ 0.089
7511PR2D-SB626 D1100110°/50°US$ 0.153
7511PG2D-SB525 D3000110°/50°US$ 0.155
  3.9x3.2 mm Designed for outdoor panels with stopper(X-Type)
3751XR2D-S620-630 D830-1440105°/55°US$ 0.045
3751XG2D-S520-530 D1700-2880105°/55°US$ 0.045
3751XB7D-S465-475 D300-620105°/55°US$ 0.045
  3.9x3.1 mm Designed for outdoor panels, with stopper and brass lead frame
3751MR2D-SB624 D550110°/50°US$ 0.067
3751LB7D-SB470 D1100110°/50°US$ 0.089
3751PG2D-SB525 D3000110°/50°US$ 0.155
  5.6x4.6 mm Common types
725MR2C635210055°/20°US$ 0.054
725LB7C470400055°/20°US$ 0.069
725PWCWhite420026°/58°US$ 0.103
725PG2C5251200055°/20°US$ 0.139
X-types LEDs for undemanding applications
Suitable i.e. for: toys, hobbyists, plastic keyrings, throwies, cheap products...
NOT suitable for: displays and boards, quality products...
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
X-types 5MM LEDs
515XY8C590400017°US$ 0.029
530XY8C590150030°US$ 0.029
515XR2C625450017°US$ 0.029
530XR2C625250030°US$ 0.029
515XB7C470800017°US$ 0.035
530XB7C470600030°US$ 0.035
599XW7CWhite1000100°US$ 0.049
515XW8CWhite1500017°US$ 0.049
530XW8CWhite1500030°US$ 0.049
515XWo4CWarm White2200017°US$ 0.055
530XWo4CWarm White800030°US$ 0.055
515XG2C5252400017°US$ 0.079
530XG2C5252400030°US$ 0.079
X-types 10MM LEDs
105XR2D62460050°US$ 0.065
105XY8D58860050°US$ 0.065
105XB7D47080050°US$ 0.069
105XW7DWhite200050°US$ 0.099
105XG2D525300050°US$ 0.109
Pricelist of other LEDs is here
Pricelist of LED products is here
  • *HP = Hewlett Packard a.k.a. Agilent/Avago Chip, CREE a.k.a. Osram, Vishay, Sharp Chip
    CREE or Hewlett Packard chip has about 10 times slower light declination than common chip.
  • *Every chip is "burning" in time when working, with LEDs that means LED is losing brightness slowly.
    Generally first 1,000 hours of using is most critical - the burning is quickiest and from this burning
    can know quality of a LED. XW7C burns 30% in first 1K hours, MW7C burns 20% in first 1K hours,
    PWC burns 0% in first 1K hours and VW6C increases it's brightness after first 1K hours 10%. Further
    burning (5K hours, 10K hours, 20K hours etc.) is at much slower pace.
  • D = Diffused lens, T = Transparent colored lens, MD = Milky Diffused lens, otherwise water clear lens
  • For taping (ammopack), cutting or bending surcharge $0.003/AlGaInP, $0.004/InGaN
  • Here is packaging details for LEDs. Order standard packing units => get nice looking original packaging
  • Our LEDs are manufactured from best quality materials imported i.e. from Japan and USA.
  • Our LEDs are machine sorted for BIN (brightness/color/voltage) and RoHs compliant.
  • For ordering info and another info please see our Info section:
    How to order, How to pay, Shipping, TNT Shipping Rates, Samples policy, Delivery time, Guarantee
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