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How to buy

For how to order, delivery time, guarantees etc. read our "how to's"

We accept orders from any country !

All our Products are RoHs compliant !

About us

1. Our company has been founded in 2002.
2. We are Alibaba "Gold supplier"
3. Factories producing our products are located in Zhejiang province.
4. We supply customers in more than 100 countries.

Basic Price list of Other LEDs

These are just basic prices => Discounts up to -35% !!!
Order US$ total: Pay:
Price adjustment factor:
"Order US$ total" means for all items together. Mixed orders OK. Discounts start for orders from $199 in basic prices.

3mm Bi-Color(Red/Yellow Green) LEDs

330RG5C-CC Red/Yellow Green, Common Cathode US$0.086
330RG5D-CC Red/Yellow Green, Common Cathode US$0.086

5mm Bi-Color(Red/Yellow Green) LEDs

530RG5D-CC Red/Yellow Green, Common Cathode US$0.089

5mm Blinking Bi-Color (Red/Pure Green) LED

530RG2C-F2 Red/Pure Green US$0.19

RGB Power LED (3W)

E12RGB-3W RGB 3W US$3.6

InfraRed LED and receiver module

Item #NMRadiated Power/sr½ anglePrice US$
510E850C850160mW/sr13°US$ 0.149
530E850C85080mW/sr30°US$ 0.149
530F940C94035mW/sr @50mA30°US$ 0.060
540F850C85065mW/sr @50mA32°US$ 0.140
5XIRBCPhoto Diode/Low power consumptionUS$ 0.13

Power LEDs

Item #NMFluxPatternPrice US$


Emitter 350mA, oval lenses 160/100 deg. angle, designed for street light
E12LR2C-O62540 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12EB7C-O46515 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW6C-OWhite70 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW3C-OWarm White65 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12LG2C-O52570 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
Emitter 350mA, round lenses 120 deg. angle
E12LY9C59035 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW3CWarm White60 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12LG2C52530 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
Star 350mA, round lenses 120 deg. angle
S12LR2C62435 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12LY9C59035 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12PW6CWhite50 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12PW3CWarm White50 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12LG2C52530 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12LY9C-B59035 LMBatwingUS$ 1
S12PW3C-BWarm White50 LMBatwingUS$ 1


"Star" type, 400mA/9.3V, no lenses
SR12N3W3CWarm White260 LMLambertianUS$ 2.69
Star 700mA, round lenses 120 deg. angle
S12N3W6CWhite120 LMLambertianUS$ 1.59


"Circular" type, 540mA/9.2V, no lenses
5VAC9DW3Warm White380 LM---US$ 8.99

10W LEDs

"Circular" type, 400mA/29V, no lenses
10VAC30DW6White1100 LM---US$ 9.99
10VAC30DW3Warm White710 LM---US$ 9.99


"Square" type, 400mA/19.2V, no lenses
SS12N7W6CWhite700 LM---US$ 6.29
SS12N7W3CWarm White570 LM---US$ 6.29


"Square" type, 400mA/22.5V, no lenses
SS12N8W6CWhite800 LM---US$ 7.29
SS12N8W3CWarm White630 LM---US$ 7.29


"Rail" type, 700mA/6.0V, "jell-o" lenses
5VAM12DW6CWhite280 LMLambertianUS$ 10.5
5VAM12DW3CWarm White240 LMLambertianUS$ 10.5

10W LEDs

"Rail" type, 700mA/12.0V, "jell-o" lenses
10VAL12HW3CWarm White400 LMLambertianUS$ 11.99

20W LEDs

"Rail" type, 1400mA/12.0V, "jell-o" lenses
20VAL12HW3CWarm White680 LMLambertianUS$ 28.49

High Flux 200mW LEDs

Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Bluegreen (Aqua), Pure green
Item #NMMCD½ anglePrice US$
980MY8C5883600MLM/1800MCD80°US$ 0.1
913MY8C5883600MLM/700MCD130°US$ 0.1
980MR2C6243600MLM/1800MCD80°US$ 0.1
913MR2C6243600MLM/700MCD130°US$ 0.1
980LB7C4701300MLM/650MCD80°US$ 0.11
980PWCWhite7800MLM/3900MCD90°US$ 0.13
913PWCWhite7800MLM/1500MCD130°US$ 0.13
980PWo4CWarm White7800MLM/3900MCD90°US$ 0.13
980PG2C5254700MLM/2350MCD80°US$ 0.16
913PG2C5254700MLM/900MCD130°US$ 0.16


TOP LEDs (PLCC) 3.5 x 2.8MM

PLCC2835-W6-0.2WWhite22-24lm@60mA120°US$ 0.035
PLCC2835-W6-0.4WWhite42-45lm@60mA120°US$ 0.056
PLCC2835-W6-0.5WWhite55-60lm@150mA120°US$ 0.061
PLCC2835-W6-1WWhite120lm@300mA120°US$ 0.12
PLCC2835-W3-1WWhite95lm@300mA120°US$ 0.12
PLCC2XW6White1860~2790mcd120°US$ 0.045
PLCC2W6-0.1WWhite2635~3255mcd120°US$ 0.06

TOP LEDs (PLCC) 3.0 x 1.4MM

PLCC3014-W6-UWhite2550~3500mcd / 11.5LM @30mA120°US$ 0.039
PLCC3014-W3-UWarm White10.5LM @30mA120°US$ 0.039

TOP LEDs (PLCC) 5.6 x 3.0MM

PLCC5630-W6White43lm120°US$ 0.259
PLCC5630-W3Warm White41lm120°US$ 0.289

TOP LEDs (PLCC-2) 3.5 x 2.8

Item #NMMCD½ anglePrice US$
PLCC2KYCT592400120°US$ 0.046
PLCC2KRCT624390120°US$ 0.046
PLCC2LBCT470280120°US$ 0.046
PLCC2LW6CTWhite2200120°US$ 0.036
PLCC2LW3CTWarm White1900120°US$ 0.036
PLCC2LGCT5251100120°US$ 0.070

TOP LEDs (PLCC-6) 5.0 x 5.0

Item #NMMCD½ anglePrice US$
PLCC6KRCT6212130120°US$ 0.23
PLCC6KYCT5911900120°US$ 0.23
PLCC6LBCT4701100120°US$ 0.23
PLCC6LGCT5244180120°US$ 0.25
PLCC6MW6C-3CWhite4000-8000120°US$ 0.25
PLCC6MW3C-3CWarm White6000-8000120°US$ 0.25

Classic SMD sizes 0603, 0805 and 1206

0603LWCTWhite200120°US$ 0.05
0603LBCT47037120°US$ 0.05
0603LGCT522145120°US$ 0.08
0603KYCT58852120°US$ 0.03
0603KRCT620102120°US$ 0.03
0603KGCT57619120°US$ 0.03
0805LWCTWhite770120°US$ 0.06
0805LBCT470102120°US$ 0.06
0805LGCT522550120°US$ 0.1
0805KYCT588102120°US$ 0.03
0805KRCT620102120°US$ 0.03
0805KGCT57010120°US$ 0.03
1206LWCTWhite1100120°US$ 0.08
1206LBCT468145120°US$ 0.06
1206LGCT521550120°US$ 0.1
1206KYCT588145120°US$ 0.034
1206KRCT622145120°US$ 0.034

7-Segment Led Display

Item #ColorWavLen"8" HeightPrice US$
  D39SR1CC-BW Ultra Red 640nm 9.9 0.58
D50SR1CC-BW Ultra Red 640nm 12.7 0.63
D80SR1CC-BW Ultra Red 640nm 20.4 0.81
  D40SR2CC-BW Ultra Red 640nm 10.2 0.99
three-digit leds D56YG3CC-BW Yellow green 570nm 14.2 1.45
  D56SR4CC-BW Ultra Red 640nm 14.2 1.76


Item #NMMCD½ anglePrice US$
PLCC4XRGBCTRGB870120°US$ 0.049
5XRGB-F2-FRGB750030°US$ 0.15
5XRGB-F2-SRGB1700030°US$ 0.11
599R2GBC-CCRGB1900100°US$ 0.74

  • *HP = Hewlett Packard a.k.a. Agilent/Avago Chip, CREE a.k.a. Osram, Vishay, Sharp Chip
    CREE or Hewlett Packard chip has about 10 times slower light declination than common chip.
  • D = Diffused lens, T = Transparent colored lens, MD = Milky Diffused lens, otherwise water clear lens
  • For taping (ammopack), cutting or bending surcharge $0.003/AlGaInP, $0.004/InGaN
  • Here is packaging details for LEDs. Order standard packing units => get nice looking original packaging
  • Our LEDs are manufactured from best quality materials imported i.e. from Japan and USA.
  • Our LEDs are machine sorted for BIN (brightness/color/voltage) and RoHs compliant.
  • For ordering info and another info please see our Info section:
    How to order, How to pay, Shipping, TNT Shipping Rates, Samples policy, Delivery time, Guarantee
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